Foundry in Seattle

Classic Foundry is conveniently located on Martin Luther King Way just south of Downtown Seattle in the Rainier Beach District. We are one of only a couple Foundries operating in the Seattle area, and the only one specializing in Bronze castings for individual artists and firms alike. Live in the city without a vehicle? No… Read More »

food grade mold

Food Grade Molds- Seattle

Looking for a custom mold for your next culinary creation? Classic Foundry has you covered. We offer the ability to create a custom mold of your choosing with mold materials that are food grade. Take for instance the photo above. This mold is for a giant custom chocolate bar. To begin, we used a piece… Read More »

production services

Production Services- Seattle

Looking for a production run of custom castings, but don’t want to deal with a large foundry or manufacturing company? We can help you produce small to large size orders of various bronze castings. We have the capabilities to replicate and create most shapes. For example we have manufactured bronze lamps, drawer and door handles,… Read More »

Variety of Sculpting- Seattle

At Classic Foundry we don’t just make plaques and trophies. We create a variety of works of art ranging in life sculpture, small figurines, animals, toys, reproduction components, etc. Whatever a client has in mind we are willing to work with them to create something they will love. Also, our team has been trained with backgrounds… Read More »

Patina door pull

Seattle Sculpture Patina

These beautiful Door handles were just finished up last week. The original that the client provided was only six inches long, so we used our enlargement process to get them to about 18 inches. Secondly, we finished the metal with varying degrees of polish to capture a unique look after the patina. Finally, after polishing, we… Read More »


Seattle Sculpture Design

Have an idea for a sculpture, prototype, or piece of jewelry? Bring in your idea or concept and Classic Foundry will help you design it from the ground up. We use a variety of state of the art software and equipment to help make your concept a reality. Secondly, we have the capability to handle… Read More »


Seattle Sculpture Replication

At Classic Foundry we have the ability to replicate many different objects and materials. Using our mold process we can give you a detailed and accurate replication of your project. Secondly, we work hands on with our clients to meet their expectations and ensure the mold is consistent with the original. Also, we even have the… Read More »

Seattle Sculpture Enlargement

At Classic Foundry we have the ability to replicate an object down to the fine details. Also, we can take the copied object and make an enlargement, or shrink it down as well. For example, a client comes in with a small figurine that they would like to be life-size. We can take that figurine,… Read More »

Horse Sculpture

Seattle Sculpture Installation

Classic Foundry is a premier fine arts foundry located in Seattle Wa. We specialize in bronze sculpture casting and fabrication, using both traditional techniques and state of the art digital tools and technology. With these tools we have been able to create some fantastic Sculptures. Take for instance this bronze cast horse. First, we start with… Read More »